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NFL on Location is also selling a variety of all-inclusive packages that include tickets, flights, hotels and entertainment, plus private hospitality spaces for large corporate groups that want to bring cheap nfl jerseys factory anywhere from 50 to a few hundred people to the game. Many big NFL sponsors treat their top clients and salespeople to a trip to the Super Bowl. There's always huge contingents on hand from the league, its 32 teams and Super Bowl advertisers
Despite the high prices, NFL on Location says it has sold 85 percent of total inventory. There's a number of factors driving sales, said Abrutyn cheap nfl jerseys from china. The last Super Bowl played in Northern California was Super Bowl XIX  at Stanford Stadium in 1985, where Joe Montana's 49ers beat Dan Marino's Dolphins. That was 30 years ago. So spending $10,000 to $20,000 on ticket packages is chump change for the millionaires and billionaires of Silicon
Valley. Levi's Stadium's limited seating is driving up demand. Levi's Stadium holds 68,500 versus last year's Super Bowl venue, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, which seats 82,566.  There's also the novelty of the golden anniversary of America's Game being played in the Golden State. The NFL is making a huge marketing deal about the 50th Anniversary of America's Game (Ditto for Super Bowl 50 broadcaster CBS Sports, which is running cutesy ads showing its on-air talent hanging off cable cars in San Francisco).
You may have noticed during game coverage of Week 1 that the NFL has changed the cheap authentic nfl jerseys on-field color of the NFL shield and 50-yard line markers to gold to highlight the anniversary.  "It will be a constant reminder that something very special is going to happen in San Francisco in February," said Abrutyn.
Come February, Levi's Stadium will be the place to see and be seen for the most important people in sports, Hollywood and corporate America, and they'll all be shelling out thousands of dollars for the privelege of being at one of the biggest events in sports.

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